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create a STrategic website

that engages, convinces, and converts clients into raving fans

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The Website Playbook takes you through the steps you need to take to build a successful, sustainable website. 

This Playbook is going to take the stress and second-guessing out of creating your website. 

You'll get a step-by-step guide with all the resources, tools and tips you need to map out the key pages of your site.

And the best part? The Website Playbook is currently on sale at just £9. I bet you spend more than that in Starbucks on a Saturday!  

The Website Playbook: A strategic breakdown of your website’s key pages to increase conversions
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create a website that shows your expertise, converts readers into raving fans and helps your business rapidly grow.

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The Playbook has everything you need to create an effective, outrageously successful website. 

You’ll get a strategic breakdown of your website’s key pages:

part 1: the service page

This is the most important page of your site so we’ll focus on this first. I’ll show you an easy plug-and-play formula for creating a service page that converts. I’ll show you how to showcase your offer in an irresistible way that has clients lining up to work with you. This is all about creating value in a structured, meaningful way.

part 2: the homepage

Next, we’ll turn to your homepage. You’ll learn how to structure this page so it’s crystal clear what you do and who you serve. You’ll discover how to present yourself as an expert and what your visitors are dying to see on your homepage.

part 3: The about page

This is your chance to create a connection with your reader. Contrary to popular belief, your about page isn’t about you. It’s an opportunity to convince your reader you understand them. I’ll show you how to create an about page that connects and showcases your talent the right way.

part 4: the blog

Your blog is where most visitors are going to find you. You need to give oodles of value and prove you want to help your reader in a specific way. A well-structured, valuable blog will become a funnel which brings an endless stream of clients to your website. I’ll give you some easy tweaks and tips to take your blog posts to the next level.

part 5: contact page

You want clients to reach out to you, right? This is the page that is often forgotten about, but a few small changes will drastically improve your contact rate. I’ll show you how to structure your contact page the right way to encourage potential clients to want to reach out to you.

Part 6: Wonder Words

Are you sick of stressing about grammar, punctuation, and all that niggly stuff? I’ve got you covered. This final section gives you a simple breakdown of some grammatical mistakes I see most often on websites. Typos, grammatical errors and mistakes limit your website and prevent clients from seeing you as an authority. This section will ensure you avoid these mistakes.


Do you constantly find yourself using the same words over and over again? How many times have you referred to your content as “great” or referred to your reader as “awesome”? It gets boring, right? As a bonus, I’ve included word lists for you to refer to. This will help you diversify your content and make it much more engaging and interesting.

These word lists include better words than “great”, words to describe your clients, and even high-converting words to sprinkle throughout your website content.

All this for just £9! What are you waiting for?

website copy editing
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Hey I’m Emily! I’m a content editor who helps creative solopreneurs take their content to the next level.

My goal is to help you write binge-worthy content that builds trust, attracts dreamy clients, and forms the foundation of a successful business.

I have a Masters degree in Psychology and I’m passionate about the powerful psychology of content. Over the past 3 years I’ve worked with coaches, CEOs, Doctors, TV presenters and more to create content that convinces and converts.

Now, I want to take all I’ve learned and help you take your website content to the next level using easy tweaks, tips and psychological tools.


When will I get my playbook?

When you purchase your playbook, you'll instantly receive a link to download it. This link expires after 24 hours so make sure to download it and save it when it arrives!

Do I get a copy in the mail?

This is a digital download - you will not receive a physical copy. But feel free to print it out after downloading it! I’ve created it in A4 format so it’s super easy to print.

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