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the website audit

A full review of your website content to give you actionable, strategic steps to make your website engaging, authoritative and highly-converting.


Your website is the core of your business. It needs to take visitors on the journey from interested readers to raving fans and clients.

But what if it’s not working? What if there is a piece missing? What if your message isn’t clear? What if visitors are becoming confused and they’re not understanding your mission?

If you’re not converting visitors into clients, there is something wrong with your site.

And that’s where I come in!

I’ll review your website and make it sparkle. I’ll give you vital feedback on what’s great and what’s missing so you can be confident your website is a client-converting machine.

What’s included in the website audit?


Home page review

We'll start with your home page. My aim to ensure your page is clear, concise and shows what you do.

We need to make sure your message is beautifully clear, your offers are sound, and visitors know what to do.

I’ll review your website and cover:

  • Any major changes needed

  • What needs work

  • What's missing

  • What message your homepage sends

  • Any questions your visitors will be left with

  • What's awesome and unique about your home page

I’ll also get into the nitty gritty of your content and give you suggestions of how to improve your content to improve conversions.

service page review

Next, your service page will be reviewed. This is the sales hub of your website, so it needs to be hitting the mark. It needs to be optimised for converting readers into paying clients.

I’ll review:

  • If your wording is convincing and persuasive

  • Assess whether you are communicating with confidence and clarity

  • Edit for weak language and repetitiveness

  • Ensure your writing is aligned with your style and voice

  • Ensure you are giving the impression of an expert/authority

  • Make sure the service page is oozing with passion and value

I’ll give you specific ways to improve your content which will help convert readers into clients.

about page review

This page should be connecting with your reader and showcasing you and your brand. But more than that, it should be showing your reader you understand them and their struggles. Just like the previous pages, I’ll give you a detailed review which will show you how to improve this page and make it stand out.

contact page review

I’ll check your contact page is optimised to receive inquiries and make sure it has all the important information it needs.

Blog review

Your blog is a vital aspect of your website. It’s where you showcase your expertise and build trust with your readers. So we’ll make sure your blog is epic as part of your website audit.

You’ll receive feedback on:

  • Topics your blog should include

  • If your blog posts are valuable

  • If your blogs are aligning well with your business as a whole

  • What great about your blog and what to focus more on

  • Your writing style and how it showcases your business

the process

To begin, you'll receive a short workbook which gives me all the important information I need to edit your website effectively. It asks questions about your target market, your brand, your mission and more. Many clients have found that this workbook alone has helped them get clarity and conviction on their business!


Once you’ve returned the workbook, I’ll get started on reviewing and editing your website! I don’t need log in details, I’ll be going to your website just like a visitor would (which gives you much better insights). As I’m editing, I’ll create a detailed report which gives you all my feedback, suggestions, and edits to help you improve your website.


When I’m finished, I’ll send you your detailed editor’s report. You’ll have time to read through it and ask me any questions you need. I’ll be available to answer your questions, clear up confusion, and help you fully understand the suggestions and feedback so you can confidently implement the changes suggested.



As a bonus, you’ll receive all of this valuable feedback packaged into a detailed report. This means you can refer back to this valuable information again and again.

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This entire website audit costs just $97.

No hidden costs. No hidden fees. Just one simple payment to take your website to the next level.

Payment is required before we get started. I accept PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer - whatever is easiest for you.



Q1. How long does the website audit take?

1 day. When you get in touch, we'll schedule in a day that works for you and you'll receive your editor's report that afternoon.

Q2. How do I pay?

You'll receive an invoice $97. This needs to be paid pior to the website review taking place. I accept PayPal, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer - whichever is easiest for you.

Q3. How far in advance do I need to book in?

My schedule fills up quick so get in touch today to book in ASAP.

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