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Professional Non-Fiction Book Editing Service

You've written a book and now want an editor to take it to the next level. You want your book to speak to your audience, solve a problem and position you as an expert in your niche. This editing package is perfect for you!

What’s Included?

Your book will go through developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading, the perfect combination to fully prepare it for publishing. 


We'll start with developmental editing which looks at your book as a whole. My aim to ensure your book has a tight, structured flow that is vital to a successful book.

This phase looks at the content, structure, flow and message to make sure your readers are being taken on a journey from start to finish. We want each reader to finish the book thinking, "Wow!"

You'll receive a tailored, in-depth report giving you valuable, actionable advice on:

  • Any major changes needed

  • What needs work

  • What's missing

  • What message your book sends

  • Any questions your book leaves readers with

  • What's awesome and unique about your book


Next, each and every sentence of your book will be edited. The aim here is to ensure you have a strong, consistent voice and message that carries through the book. We want your unique voice to stand out and for readers to immediately connect with your message.

  • Review if your phrasing and wording is on-brand

  • Assess whether you are communicating with confidence and clarity

  • Edit for weak language and repetitiveness

  • Ensure your writing is aligned with your style and voice

  • Ensure you are giving the impression of an expert/authority

  • Make sure the book is oozing with passion and value

I use Word Tracked Changes when editing so you can clearly see all the changes made. I also leave notes throughout to make the whole process clear and easy to understand. 


The final phase is proofreading. I look at every word and punctuation mark to remove any final errors. The aim is to make sure your book is consistent in spelling, capitalisations and abbreviations, and of course, error free. 


If you're publishing your book through Amazon KDP, I'll format your book ready for upload direct to Amazon.

The Process

To begin, you'll receive a short workbook to complete which gives me all the important information I need to edit your book effectively. It includes important questions about your writing style, target audience and core message.

>> professional book editing service <<

Once you’ve sent the workbook and your book to me, I’ll get to work! Your book will go through developmental editing as well as copyediting. Everything is tracked using Word tracked changes so you can see all changes made. You'll also receive an editor's report which gives you detailed feedback of everything that’s been changed, as well as my feedback and recommendations for changes needed by you.


Your book will then be sent back to you for review and make changes based on my feedback and suggestions. Once you're happy with it, you'll send it back to be re-edited, proofread and formatted ready to publish.


This professional editing service costs £10 per 1,000 words.

  • 10,000 word book = £100

  • 35,000 word book = £350

  • 50,000 word book = £500

*A 50% deposit is required upfront to begin the editing project. The remainder is paid at the end of the editing project.

* Projects under £200 are paid in total upfront.


Q1. How long does editing take?

Time varies depending on the length of the book. Here's a guide to give you an idea of your project length: • 10,000 words = 1 week • 50,000 words = 3 weeks • 100,000 words = 6 weeks

Q2. How do I pay?

Before we get started, you'll receive an invoice for a deposit of 50%. This needs to be paid to get started. The remainder is invoiced at the end of the editing project. You'll receive 2 invoices which can be paid with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Q3. Can I send you my book in sections?

I ask that you send the book as a completed draft. This makes editing much more effective and consistent.

Q4. At what stage do I need to get in touch with you?

It's always best to book in editing services as soon as you can. So if you have a deadline for finishing your book, or you're already finished, get in touch and we can schedule in a time that suits you.

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