3 Vital Things to Include in Your Newly Written eBook

It’s every entrepreneurs dream to write an eBook, sit back, and watch the clients roll in.

The thing is, many don’t optimise their eBook before publishing. So it’s no wonder they don’t get a stream of clients through the door.

This post will show you the 3 simple things you need to include in your eBook to turn it into a client-generating machine.

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1. Links

It’s my hope that you’ve written your eBook with a purpose in mind.

Perhaps it’s a tool to get more clients for your services, or a way to get sign ups to your new course.

Whatever the case may be, I doubt you want your reader to finish reading your book and then forget you ever existed.

You want them to continue on a journey with you.

To do that, your book needs to include links to keep the reader interacting with you.

Perhaps that link is to your product page, course landing page, Facebook group, 1:1 services – whatever it may be.

But here’s the problem…

Most writers I’ve worked with don’t want to be “salesy” by adding promotions and links in their books. They say to me, “Em, if the reader loves my book they’ll look me up to work with me!”

Nope. Nada. Not gunna happen.

Your readers need constant guidance on where to go next.

If your book doesn’t give them that direction, they’ll put it down and forget about you.

So make it utterly easy for them by adding links to your eBook.

Now, I’m not saying to go crazy and add them to every page. But definitely add them in:

On your title page

This one is vital – if someone stumbles on your book on Amazon and “looks inside” to check it out, they’ll immediately be able to see your website link. That’s some free, easy marketing right there!

At the end of your introduction

Your introduction should, well, introduce them to you, what you do and what they’re about the learn by reading your book.

They should be pumped up and ready to get started – so this is a perfect opportunity to say, “If you’re ready to take this further, I have an epic course you’re going to love…” and add in your link.

At the end in your About the Author section

We’ll talk more about this section later but at the end of your book your reader should be in love with you. They’ve got some incredible takeaways from your book and are feeling inspired.

So this is another pivotal time to get them onto your website and signing up to whatever you’ve got next for them.

Moral of the story: Add links to your eBook if you want to see an increase in client sign ups.

2. Client Stories

Readers want to see tangible results and the easiest way to give them this is by telling stories of your past clients.

A past client of mine did this incredible well in her book. She wrote a book about recovering from burn out using massage therapy.

Throughout the book she sprinkled in stories of clients she’d helped overcome pain, illness, and mental burn out with her massage therapy. By the end of the book, you knew she was a pro and wanted to work with her to see the same benefits.

Notice how I just gave you a client story there?

Doesn’t it make it so much easier to picture yourself in the same scenario getting the same results?

Told you, works a treat.

3. About the Author Section

Every entrepreneur needs to include this section at the very end of their book.

It’s a chance to introduce yourself to the reader, show off your wonderful experience and qualifications and let them know how they can work with you.

Seriously, this is where I want you to go to town on promotion.

Talk about where you’ve been featured, your successes, the results you get, your history, all that wonderful stuff.

And then tell the reader how they can work with you. Give them links to your groups, courses, services, social media channels – whatever it is you most want to promote.

Remember, the reader has just finished your book and is now primed to work with you. So take full advantage of this opportunity.

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