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I’m Emily


i totally get it…

You want your book to connect with readers and give them those aha! moments.

You want it to be valuable, motivational, and a reflection of you and your brand.

You want your book to stand out from the crowded market and make a real difference to people’s lives.

It’s my job to make sure thIS becomes a reality.

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 I’ve worked with business coaches, marketing experts, CEOs, doctors, TV presenters, speakers, solopreneurs, from all around the world.

One thing I’ve learned is this:

All writers need an editor to help them take their book to the next level.

An editor helps you refine your message, cut through the fluff and create a book you’re truly proud of.

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 A BIT About Me…


When I tell people I’m an editor, the first question is usually, “So you get to read books all day?” And although that’s a bit of an over-simplification, it’s kind of true! I read books I never would have otherwise and in the process, I get to help incredibly talented entrepreneurs write mind-blowing books. Nothing lights me up more than helping creative writers take their books to the next level and I’m blessed that I get to do it for a living.


I didn’t set out to be an editor. In fact, I was trained to be a clinical psychologist. But during my Masters degree I found a love of editing. It started out reading through my friends’ essays and giving them feedback. Then, to make some extra cash to help pay my student loans, I started proofreading for students. Not long after that, I was hired by a world-renowned speaker to help him with his latest self-help book - the rest is history!

3. I’m a massive introvert

Networking terrifies me to my core. I love socialising but it’s incredibly draining for me. And I’d much rather stay home on a Saturday night curled up with a book than out at a party. Shout out to my fellow INFPs and HSPs!

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Some More Fun Facts…

  • I am British, born and bred in Wales (though ashamedly, I can’t speak Welsh)

  • I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder but masquerade as an extrovert

  • I’m a vegetarian who’s obsessed with Mexican food

  • I am engaged and live with my Fiance, Nick, who is a teacher

  • We also live with our rescue pointer/collie called Peanut

  • I am a massive nerd and love Star Trek

 The Official Bio…

Emily Cox is a non-fiction editor. She helps entrepreneurs write books that establish them as experts, connect with readers, and grow their business.

She has worked with coaches, marketing experts, speakers, CEOs, TV presenters, doctors and more on hundreds of books. Many of her clients are now bestselling authors in various industries.

When she’s not editing books, you’ll find Emily walking her rescue dog in the park with her Fiance, reading, or watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

If you’re looking for an editor to help take your book to the next level, get in touch with Emily at

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READY TO Publish a book you’re proud of?